Creating Your Own iPhone Applications & the Apple App Market

How many human beings now own a Apple iPhone?

How many human beings download programs for the iPhone every unmarried day?

There are presently (at time of writing) over 90,000 packages available for download in the App Store through your iPhone!

So many human beings that I meet, that I speak with, that I paintings with have stated the exact equal phrases to me – “would not this be a exceptional concept as an application for my iPhone!”

I created my very own utility for the iPhone in advance this yr but I by no means took it similarly than that and I also had it submitted into the App Store as a ‘loose app’ therefore I did now not receive any money from it. To this date, that very utility has had a thoughts blowing variety of downloads of which I even have best updated a handful of times consequently it’s miles nonetheless in call for within that area of interest.

I became very interested into the developing side of things bully download for the iPhone thru their Cocoa programming and it turned into pretty exciting yet very worrying at times to get things the manner you wanted them to be but, because the first actual application that I actually have made myself, I actually have evolved 2 different applications that I have released into the App Store for down load at a value of £0.99 for the full model and for FREE as an ordeal down load. It has just been exceptional to peer the amount of downloads for my programs that occur on a day by day basis and it does make you feel proud but very effective to think that you have carried out something that humans from throughout the globe are utilizing. At first with certainly one of my applications, there has been quite a bit of feedback that asked for getting a few elements of it tweaked up and I did spend most hours of my days getting it right and it will become a sport due to the fact you are in no way satisfied until it’s far ideal and it’s far most effective ideal after you’ve got tried it tested it over and over again!

But ultimately, the end result is nicely well worth it.

I had been informed (please do no longer quote me) that the Apple App Market makes approximately £123 million in keeping with month just through the App Store! This discern to me is simply brilliant on its and and to be part of that could be a right feeling!